We help brands

multiply their sales

on Amazon

With the knowledge gained from having worked at Amazon, our agency specializes in optimizing and managing all processes involved in selling on Amazon. Whether you sell or want to sell on Amazon, our mission is to scale your business and multiply their sales


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Increasing conversion and improving organic positioning

Ads Strategy

Increase visibility, optimize budget, activate deals


Offer products in all Amazon Marketplaces


The "Amazonian" values brought to an agency

The first thing you learn when you start working at Amazon are the so-called "leadership principles".The company has a set of values that are the backbone of the company. As ex-Amazonians and Amazon advocates, we wanted to bring these values to the agency. Two of the main ones are:

We start with the customer and work according to their needs. Competition is important, but our customers, our obsession.

We focus on the key metrics that can increase the growth of the business and we deliver measurable, actionable and timely results. Despite setbacks, rising to the occasion and never settling is our priority. 

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Increase the value of your brand

Amazon Kick-Starter

Everything you need to start selling on Amazon:
Account creation, competitor research, catalog uploading, trainings, etc.

SEO Optimization

Our knowledge of the "A9" algorithm helps us optimize your listings and give visibility to your products, bringing them to the top of the first page of results.

Brand Store

Consolidate your products in a custom-made store and create A+ content. Increase your brand image and get more visibility, helping you rank higher.

International Expansion

We manage everything you need to take your products to any Marketplace. Thanks to our international team, we keep everything in-house, which allows us to offer the best solutions.

Amazon Ads

We launch PPC advertising campaigns, optimizing the budget on a daily basis to keep the ACoS in optimal ranges and maximize your profit. Indispensable to increase sales on Amazon.

Amazon DSP

Amazon's Meta Ads. It is designed both for customers who sell on Amazon or outside. We manage DSP campaigns, making use of exclusive audiences to attract new customers.


Meet the A-team

Multidisciplinary Team

The team's diverse experience allows us to cover everything needed to grow a business on Amazon. Through coordinated teams, each specializing in what they do best, we achieve extraordinary results.

Exclusive mechanisms

Leveraging the know-how learned during our time at Amazon, the agency's team has been trained to help brands scale like no one else.

Guaranteed Success

Following one of our pillars, "deliver results", at the agency we focus on delivering measurable results that help your brand achieve incredible results.

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Alfonso Gutierrez

Founder & CEO

Telecommunications Engineer and ex-Amazonian

amazon marketing agency official amazon partner directory partner expert

Luis Costa

Data Scientist & CTO

Graduated with a master's degree in Business Analytics at MIT.

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Michael Fleidl

International Relations & COO

Graduated with a master's degree in Chinese economics from Peking University.


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satisfied customer amazon expert agency account management fba seller vendor ppc dsp amazon seo a+ content content professional agency
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Why is now the best time to sell on Amazon?

Thanks to the ecosystem it is creating (Alexa, Twitch, Amazon Prime, Fire TV, Kindle, Amazon Go, etc.), user profiles are becoming more and more complete, allowing brands to reach their potential customer more efficiently.  

This, coupled with "ready to buy" customers and the fact that other advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google are becoming more inefficient due to the introduction of iOS 14 data protection, makes Amazon the most effective platform to scale a business selling products.

The Past

The Future

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How to find out if we can help you

AGV Media is an agency specialized in the exponential growth of brands selling on Amazon. These are some of the questions we get asked the most before we get started:

Yes. We offer a strategic call for free in which we will assess your current situation and from which you will come away with a customized 360º strategy on how you can increase your sales on Amazon.

We focus on three types of companies:

1- Companies that want to start selling on Amazon.

2- Companies that sell on Amazon but are not getting the results they expected.

3- Consolidated companies on Amazon that want to multiply their sales by making full and optimized use of the platform.

We make a personalized study of each case in order to offer a customized solution, always prioritizing the client's growth.

Absolutely. Our goal is for the clients we work with to understand the mechanisms of Amazon and be able to scale their business on their own. In our weekly calls we tell you everything that has been done in full detail.

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Free 30-minute strategic audit

At the end of this strategic call, you will have a clear vision of the next steps to take your business to the next level and start seeing measurable results through Amazon.

Find a spot in Alfonso's calendar and schedule your call today, see you soon!




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Marvin Julien

Working with Alfonso and his team was an absolute game-changer. We were already making a good amount on Amazon and thought we had everything figured out. After our first consultation, we quickly saw that we weren’t making an efficient use of PPC, that our copy and images were simply not optimized for sales, and that we weren’t making use of some high-leverage strategies for our brand.

We worked with AGV Media for a little over a year, in which we nearly tripled our profits, which lead to us selling the brand to an Amazon aggregator. 

Simply 10/10 

Marvin & Julien

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Agency formed by Amazon experts at your fingertips. We help brands multiply their sales on Amazon.

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